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Luminous Lgoon Jamaica

Luminous Lagoon Jamaica

Topping the charts of the things to do in Jamaica; Is the the Luminous Lagoon Jamaica. Located in the Town of Falmouth Jamaica. This bioluminscent bay is a rare wonder in all the world. Jamaica being far the best.

The science behind this natural phenomenon. Is due to, the fresh water from the Martha Brae River meeting the salt-water ocean. This silty water is filled with phosphorous. Which is also home to many small microorganisms. That emit a flash of light when touched. Therefore, causing the water it to glow a brilliant blue hue when disturbed.

Also known as the Glistening Waters Jamaica or the Glowing Water Jamaica. Take a tour of the Luminous Lagoon and embark on a boat ride. That takes you around the bay for an extraordinary experience. This is certainly an amazing adventure. Dip your hand or foot in the water and you will see the water light up around you. Come and take a swim and see the glow yah mon! welcome home to paradise .

Located on the waterfront with several nearby restaurants that offer 24hours service. There is not only an amazing tour to experience but also great food to enjoy. The Luminous Lagoon Jamaica is a must see while visiting Jamaica.

Being highly rated in one of the most popular review sited Tripadvisor. See for yourself all the reasons to visit Jamaicas' glowing lagoon. Speak with our team today about this adventure.